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Call to set-up an eye exam at Pro Eyes today!

Eye Exams

Our routine eye examinations include an overall health evaluation of the eye and if vision correction is needed you will receive the appropriate prescription. We also provide contact lens fittings and follow up care for spherical, astigmatism (toric) and bifocal contact lenses.

Comprehensive Medical Eye Examinations/Emergency Office Visits

Our medical eye examinations include a comprehensive health evaluation of the eye including but not limited to testing for diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and macular degeneration. We strive to offer the latest technology including retinal photography, scanning laser technology using the RTA to better diagnose diabetic, glaucoma and retinal pathology. We recently added the Macuscope to help predict the risk of macular degeneration. We offer emergency walk in visits to patients in need of immediate eye care which include but are not limited to the removal of foreign body in the eye and treatment of eye infections.

What to Expect to Bring for your eye exam

» Most visits will take approximately 30 minutes.
» In some cases dilation may be preformed, for this dark sunglasses and a driver may be needed.
» Please bring a list of all medications you are currently taking.
» Please bring your current insurance cards; these are required for any visit being billed to insurance.
» NEW and ESTABLISHED patient will have forms to fill out, we encourage you to visit the forms section of the website to download and fill out forms to bring to your visit.